Arms Only Swaddle

Live in a hot climate where swaddling seems to overheat baby?
Baby is not rolling over yet?
Larger baby who still needs swaddling, but doesn’t need the layers?
Bigger baby who loves the Houdini Swaddle, but needs lots of leg mobility?
Baby gets out of light swaddles or Velcro, but too hot in 2 layers?

We use the Arms Only Swaddle for warm climates with babies who like their kick space, but need their arms restrained for better sleep. It isn’t the most popular swaddle, as it’s use is limited to warm climates and bigger babies, but when you need something in the heat, you will be glad for another option!

If you are struggling with the standard technique, check out the Burrito Wrap Swaddle for a totally different option that might fit your needs better.