Preemie Swaddle

Baby born before 40 weeks?
Early twins before 38 weeks?
Baby adjusting to life after NICU?
Needing 2 layers to help a tiny baby insulate their temperature?
Wanting to extend the womb life of baby who came early?
Other swaddles seem ‘too harsh’ for such a tiny person?

The Preemie Swaddle uses the ‘hands at midline’ position as it helps calm and organize a baby that is still developing although out of the womb. It is a warm swaddle that helps insulate a baby who doesn’t have enough fat layer to help keep up their body temperature. It also allows their hands to help cue for feedings, as preemies often sleep right through their feeding times and need encouragement to wake up often enough.

You will know when they do not need this swaddle and can move on, by their weight gain, ability to stretch their body and unfold from their womb position, and when they move their arms so much that they get out all the time! You might find moving to the Hands Up Swaddle a nice segue before trying one of the other options. It would allow a preemie to keep their hands positioned where they prefer, but will keep the hands from scratching their face.