7 Swaddles DVD

Sleeve Art2a

All 7 swaddles on one DVD to use for educators teaching baby care classes, or for parent use at home.

DVD can be shown as a whole or separated into chapters, depending on time and interest.

Easy to use for prenatal classes, new moms groups , grandparent classes,  doula trainings, nanny or babysitting training, or for any professional who works with newborn families.

Running time: 18:05

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Baby-Bathing DVD


The new baby-bathing DVD “The Spa Bath” is here! If the thought of bathing your newborn makes you a little nervous, have no fear! After giving baths to thousands of newborns over the last 11 years ABC owner Kimberly shows you first-hand her own techniques for “cry free” bathing your tiny one. Topics include: Time and location, safety, water and air temperature, site preparation, hair washing and more.

Running Time: 20 minutes

Price: $25