Burrito Swaddle

Is your baby old enough to tolerate an arms down position?
Does swaddling frustrate you as a parent?
Have thin blankets to work with that are way too big for your baby?
Do the other options not work and you feel like a failure?
Want to use the Velcro swaddle but can’t get baby to stay wrapped with it?
Cold climate and need the extra layers?
Need a different option for blankets that seem too large/don’t fit right?

The Burrito Wrap is a different type of swaddle that works well for rectangular or very large square blankets, and it can be combined with a Velcro wrap to secure if desired. Although many swaddling techniques are based on two layers, this approach seems easier to some parents, and works like a charm with their babies. Don’t be afraid to try something new if your current approach isn’t working!