Houdini Swaddle

Baby gets out of every swaddle?
Baby growing well, gaining weight, and using their body in new ways during the day?
Is baby old enough to position arms down at sides?
Arms or hands waking baby up at night?
Previous failures at swaddling?
Want to use products you already have at home, vs. buying one more thing?
Baby increasing in fussiness, harder to soothe, and requiring more work to get to sleep?

The Houdini Swaddle is for babies who get out of everything, but do better sleeping when swaddled. It is snug through the arms and chest, and looser on the hips, and can be a huge help in getting older newborns (after 6 weeks typically) to sleep longer stretches. This is the best problem solving swaddle, as it is easy to do, doesn’t require purchase of one more thing, and it works better than most other options for keeping baby safely tucked in. If your baby enjoys the arms tucked in this way, but you live in a warm climate, try the Arms Only Swaddle.