Bat Wings Swaddle

Baby struggling in swaddle?
Baby trying to get arms out?
Swaddling attempts seem to fail regularly?
Swaddling seem too complicated?
Need a simple system for twins or triplets that works the first time?
Want to use Velcro swaddling system but the hands get out?
Live in a moderate to cool environment or use AC in a warm environment?

We use the Bat Wings to help parents swaddle better using 2 layers of blankets and allowing babies to keep their hands in the position that feels most comfortable to them. It is a great option for young twins, as you want to do it once, and do it right! It allows a much better fit than a Velcro or large swaddling blanket alone, and it can make a huge difference in sleep stretches as baby is beginning to grow larger and can handle a bit longer time in between feedings. When your baby is old or strong enough to get out of the regular Bat Wings, we recommend the Houdini Swaddle.