Hands Up Swaddle

Baby is eating well/gaining weight?
Baby is unwrapped for feedings but has trouble falling asleep without holding?
Baby scratching his or her face?
Baby very curled up/in flexion?
Ultrasound photos showed hands up preference?
Does your baby “hate” the swaddle?
Baby doesn’t like being laid on back?
Baby prefers lying on side or stomach?
Baby doesn’t relax in swaddle and fights other arm positions?
Baby gets hands out of every attempt?

We recommend using the Hands Up swaddle in the first couple weeks, as baby is still very curled up and prefers the position of holding hands near the face. You will know when your baby doesn’t need this swaddle any longer, as baby will begin to extend their body, do the full body stretch (it is so cute!) and doesn’t keep their hands near their face during play time. Those are signals to possibly move onto the Bat Wings option…